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Welcome to Peter bakar (Peter bake)!

It’s amazing that you’ve found my blog in this world of social media! I mean… it’s a BIG world!

How fun when my followers on Instagram or visitors of the blog have questions concerning my recipes, and especially when I get requests to translate the recipes! It feels amazing that others are interested in my pastries and wants to try to bake my cakes! I have therefore added a function to the blog where you can translate the text into English, French, Spanish and German. You’ll see it here at the right side on my sidebar: Translate this blog.

I hope this function will be in good use for you, and good luck with your baking!

And if you’re a social-media-geek like me and you like to take pictures of what you’ve baked, please hashtag the pastry with #peterbakar or @peterbakar, so I can see it!

Best wishes


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